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Our free "turn-key" mastermind sessions, educational workshops, and networking events were designed provide you with a networking blueprint to build your real estate network. Together we can solve "the cash-flow equation" and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

Welcome to Cash-Flow Breakfast Club



New topic modules, pre-planned agendas and slides provided monthly.


Supplemental videos, live coaching and support each month to help you fully understand and present each module.


Assistance in securing event sponsors to grow your Cash-Flow network. 


We provide a networking platform to connect you to fellow real estate experts.


When you join a club you join a local club with a national network of real estate professionals with ties to your target market.


We encourage coaching and mentorships to help develop leadership, presentation and wealth building skills.


The Cash-Flow network fosters a community of investors who support, teach, and encourage each other. 


Our unique networking tools guarantee you never leave a meeting without new connections.


CFBC Leader Qualifications

Own a minimum of 4 rental properties.

To be a leader we require members to have a thorough understanding of cash-flow and own at least 4 active rental properties or a minimum of 6 doors (if multifamily). 

Financially free or on the path.

Our mission is to empower communities to achieve rapid financial freedom. Our leaders also need to be committed to achieving financial freedom  through passive income.

Maintain a visible & reputable brand.

Branding is essential both in-person and online (particularly social media). Leaders must be willing to receive help and coaching to increase brand presence.

CFBC Leader Commitments

Growth mindset.

Our leaders must embody a growth mindset and commit to reading one non-fiction book monthly while regularly tuning into growth mindset, real estate investing, or business podcasts. This enables them to share insights and recommendations within our community.

Abundance mindset.

Our leaders are expected to actively share their knowledge with the world. This includes participating as a guest on at least one podcast every quarter. We offer support with scheduling, introductions, and initial coaching, ensuring a seamless experience.

Thought leader.

CFBC leaders desire to establish themselves as thought leaders in their local markets. They are  committed to growing their community by consistently sharing valuable insights, innovative ideas, and expertise to inspire and guide others.


The Cash-Flow Breakfast Club by Omni and Chara Casey 

This book laying the foundation for the mindset of the group and gives you a peek into what can be expected once a part of the club.

The Go-giver by Bob Burg

Our whole club and culture philosophy is built on this go-giver concept, and the law of abundance. We give, give, give vs take, take, take. The end result is that everyone wins and we have an amazing culture. We want to make sure our leaders subscribe to the same philosophy.

Within first 6 months 

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

So much of our core investing mindsets and philosophies have roots in the lessons learned in this book.

Within first 12 months
  • Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Who Not How by Dan Sullivan
  • Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • Vivid Vision by Cameron Herald
  • Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Reading is the key to unlimited knowledge. Leaders of the CFBC are required to read (or listen) to at least one book a month to continuously expand their knowledge and nourish their community.

Leader Reading List

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