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More Than Sponsors. Partners.

Our Affiliate Sponsors are more than just sponsors, they are partners and members of our local Cash Flow Breakfast Clubs. They are investors as well that are on the same journey as everyone else in the room.

Partnership Benefits


Amplify Your Brand

Become the Sole Industry Partner and Sponsor at Your Club Location(s) to connect with local leader and networks.

Fists in Solidarity

Collaborative Partnership

More than a regular sponsorship, we invite you in a partner to take ownership of the growth and success of the club.

Unlocking the Door

Turnkey Setup

​​We give you step by step instructions on how best to plug into the network and most effectively build long-term business relationships.


Engaging Community

Plug into a unique community of 80-100 active real estate investors, in-person, every month.

Editorial Design

Strategic Marketing Alliance

We provide you marketing materials and opportunities to be co-branded with your Cash-Flow Breakfast Club, expanding your exposure to new opportunities.


Elevated Networking 

Our networking is like no other! Gamified Networking segments at the events leads to elevated levels of meaningful connections.

Video Call

Full-Scale Support

Administrative Backing for Presentation, Branding, and Marketing Setup.

Video Editing

Dynamic Promo Videos

Craft and Distribute Monthly Promo and Gratitude Videos for Club Members.

Colleagues at Work

Long-Term Relationships

Our club members are looking to build a team with the best professionals and vendors in the business. 


Business Follows Our Partners


Stand Up Meeting

Lead Generation

In addition to connecting to members in-person to build relationships, we forward lead inquiries for your service that we get based on our marketing and social presence.

Team Hugging

Enriching Purpose

Our clubs are about more than just real estate. Real estate is the vehicle our members use to find their purpose and change the world. 

Plan & Vision

Referral Rewards

Earn Sponsorship Credits for Referring Other Sponsors Nationwide.

Meeting Room

Multiple Location Discounts

Significant Discounts for Sponsoring Multiple Club Locations.


Annual Pre-Paid Sponsorship Discounts

Substantial Savings with 12-Event Pre-Paid Sponsorships.

Business Meeting

Long-Term Business Relationships

Once you are approved and vetted by our team, we position you to be the long-term solution for our club members.


Partner Testimonials

Partner opportunities for as little as $500

CFBC Sponsorship Guide
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